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Magic Hour, Connecting the world through tea Ceremony

How We Came to Be


Magic Hour was founded in Ojai, California, where the sunset and sunrise create an electric pink Magic Hour, where the light illuminates the landscape and reminds us that through nature everything is possible. From celebrating this bathing light, we find reverence at dawn and dusk, as we remember that we are made of stardust in miraculous human form traveling through our days on a planet dancing through the cosmos. To marvel at the infinite is to sense our magic.

Magic Hour is the creation of Zhena Muzyka. A seeker, potion maker, and lover of nature and magical humans, Zhena created Magic Hour to make a retreat available in each of your homes. Bringing together spiritual teachers and tea ceremony felt a natural way to bring more connection, love, and presence into our lives. 

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Process & Passion

My passion for tea blending comes from a place in my heart that yearns to create the world’s most experiential cup of tea for you! I aim to capture the subtle notes from a flower, the warm intoxication of spice, and the fragrance of dew-kissed tea leaves in the early morning dawn. Each plant is a mystery to me, embodying a code of healing that communicates with our cells. To me, tea is a plant so magical and unbound in potential- an alchemical combination of sun, earth wind, seed and spirit–that we can drink!  

Tea unlocks us. A cup of tea fixes nearly any woe or challenge. When we have a setback–tea can heal our minds. When we have a problem to solve–tea can show us the way. When I wish to celebrate a win and a connection to my soul–it’s tea I steep and sip to earmark the moment and solidify the memory.

I have found great hope in a cup of tea. I have found the combinations of flower, tea, herb, spice, adaptogen and essential oil to be endless and thrilling. In the middle of the night, I imagine what a blend will taste like if…if I blend this ‘flower with that oolong’ I awaken each morning so inspired and hopeful that a cup of tea can save a life, calm a soul, rejuvenate a friendship and even spice up a marriage!

Fair trade is my life’s mission. To end poverty for mothers worldwide would be my big plan, and it is being undertaken by many world leaders with more money and influence. But instead of waiting for them to save the world, I had to do something that was within my reach, within my scope, and that is the simple process of taking less money for myself and my company, and giving what we would have taken to the women who pluck our tea.


My obsession with ending poverty for mothers began with my own experience, having a child who needed special care early on, I had very little means to save his life. But the means I did have were enough, and today, Sage is healthy and thriving. But what about the other mothers out there? The ones making a dollar a day who have an average of 4-6 kids to feed and who might never see a doctor her whole life? Who is speaking for her and who is reaching out for her well-being? Who is the mother’s advocate when she is 7,000 miles away in a tea field and we drink her tea? How are we reaching for her hand?

Through Fair Trade and other Socially Thoughtful projects, Magic Hour is the conduit of your contribution to her life- in the form of fair exchanges in money, respect and social support in the form of healthcare, maternity leave, housing and education.

Tea is an expression of creativity, healing and joy. I blend with you in mind, making sure that each certified organic ingredient is the purest of pure for your health and well-being. Your well-being equals a better world for everyone you touch, your choice in supporting a woman owned and operated company allows a mother like me to have a vehicle to make social change in the far reaches of the planet. I have created a product that allows you, the tea drinker to become an advocate through the simple, refreshing act of sipping a cup of tea.

Transforming the World Through Tea

Our botanical potions and transformational teachings bring you the world’s finest mind-body-soul growth on the planet, offering the distillation of the sacred to you. Our purpose is to inspire you with beauty, connection, and love through daily rituals. We envision a world where everyone and everything is treated as sacred. We envision a world where lovers, friends, colleagues, and even opponents take tea time to create connection and compassionate understanding.

Through our Ceremonies and Teachings we help to remove borders and fear to create a world of love and connection. We are women who live as close to the land as possible in Ojai, California. We source our teas only from organic and Biodynamic tea, herb, and spice gardens. Regenerative farming methods support the earth by helping reduce C02 and support the workers (who are mostly women and mothers) with fair wages, maternity leave, healthcare and education for their children.

Learn what makes us so Magical with our founder's niece Ayla!

The Possibilities are Endless

We intend to create sacred ceremonies of connection for you through Magic Hour—so that you may create the space to connect to your heart, your soul, your lover, family, friends, and to our oneness. We are made of stardust, we are made of magic.

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