Magic Hour Origin Story


Magic Hour is a tea & transformation company founded in Ojai, California where the sunset and sunrise create what we call the "pink moment." There is reverence at dawn and dusk, there seems to be a stopping of time and a sense of presence to which we each naturally sync. From this place, Magic Hour was born.

Magic Hour is the creation of Zhena Muzyka, the founder of Zhena's Gypsy Tea, author of Life by the Cup, and spirituality publisher. A seeker, potion maker, and lover of nature and magical humans, Zhena created Magic Hour to make a retreat available in each of your homes. Bringing together spiritual teachers and tea ceremony felt a natural way to bring more connection, love and presence into our lives. 


Our mission is to be a conduit for infinite possibility in your daily life. Our botanical potions and transformational teachings bring you the world’s finest mind-body-soul growth on the planet, offering the distillation of the sacred to you. Our purpose is to inspire you with beauty, connection and love through daily rituals.

We envision a world where everyone and everything is treated as sacred. We envision a world where lovers, friends, colleagues and even opponents take tea time to create connection and compassionate understanding. Through our Ceremonies and Teachings we help to remove borders and fear, and create a world of love and connection. We are women who live as close to the land as possible in a small town called Ojai, California. We source our teas only from organic and Biodynamic tea, herb, and spice gardens. Regenerative farming methods support the earth by helping reduce C02 and support the workers (who are mostly women and mothers) with fair wages, maternity leave, healthcare and education for their children.


From Our Founder

Dear Magical Human,
In the quiet, still moments
When silence envelopes you
Is when you realize
The universe is as much within you
As it is around and beyond you
As the earth turns and the rising sun
Fills your eyes, you understand the infinite
Is you
Oneness is elusive throughout the day
Except at Dawn and dusk
When you are made aware
of the motion of our spinning planet
Moving in Harmony with the Universe
These are the MagicHours
Where everything is possible
Zhena Muzyka


What is, and what is to come of our lives, is decided in the quiet, still moments where we commune with our souls and the souls of those we love.And yet, we are giving ourselves less and less quiet, still moments. Often, we give our time to our phones, and for many of us they've become the first form of stimulation in the morning and the last light we see each night. As we've fallen into this cycle, we forget to linger with our souls, to make eye contact and share appreciations with those we love.  How many of us have gone out to a meal only to spend more time on our screens! I know, me too! Creating rituals to bring us wholly back to ourselves is why Magic Hour exists. 

If we each take a vow to create a MagicHour ritual in our lives, when we are one with the moving planet, one with the angels, and one with those we love in our lives—in silence, in reflection, in the quiet stillness, then we will experience awe and wonder heighten, reverence grow, and connection create portals of greater possibility. We will remember and live a more sacred life. 

The mission and reason I created MagicHour was to remind us to give ourselves a moment each morning and evening, at Dawn and Dusk, to remember the sacredness of life. To commune with the divine and our angels, and to take back our attention and aim it toward what is miraculous about life—connection. Connection to our soul, our planet, and to each other.  If we are able to do this on a regular basis, each day, we will form a conduit for consciousness and connection with our highest, best selves--the one that quests not for any result but presence.

There has been an attack on stillness. There has been a powerful pull toward stimulation that gets us nowhere. There has been an addiction to busy and busy-thoughts that cut us off from the divine and the heart of creation. Magic Hour is a way of taking back our magic and our time.Our lives are precious, we will only have this one, and what a shame to not be fully present in it!  We can experience the profound divinity of life and our connection to it, but only if we are intentional about it. Intention organizes the universe and our lives. Intend with me for a saner, stiller more sacred world where we are in conversation with each other, with divinity and experiencing our presence as the miracle it truly is. I intend to create sacred ceremonies of connection for you through this process—so that you may relearn how to connect to your heart, your soul, your lover, family, friends, and to our oneness.We are made of stardust. Let’s start acting more like it, together, shall we?

With Magic,

Zhena Muzyka