Magic Hour Affiliate Program

Do you love Magic Hour teas and want to help us share the magic with the world? Join our affiliate program and earn commissions on the Magic Hour products you know and love! If you're already raving about the magic of Magic Hour Teas to your friends and followers — why not also share in the rewards?

Become a Club Magic Hour Affiliate!

The Club Magic Hour affiliate program invites our biggest advocates and tea lovers to join our mission to spread the love of tea and inspire transformation to people all over the world by sharing authentic connections with tea + ritual + transformational content. See our application below!

How it Works:

Once you're approved, you can share your affiliate links with your friends, family, at social media followings, on your website and get a commission on sales you bring to the site!

Affiliate Benefits:

  • Commission. Recieve a 15% retail price for royalty sales made via our affiliate tracking program.
  • Connection. Share transformation tea + content to your followers, friends, and family to spread the Magic Hour mission to connect the world through tea ceremony.

Affiliate Requirements:

  • Have a passion for tea, transformation, and creating connections
  • Resonate with Magic Hour Mission
  • Promote Magic Hour's monthly tea + transformation boxes through your social media platform or tea ceremony circles


  • Please do not retarget to our established customer base. Our goal is to build our community.
  • Do not promote on our social media platforms (ie. Facebook group)
  • Do not buy ads under the Magic Hour name.
  • We have the right to remove any affiliate from the program that is using our platform in ways that do not align with our values and requests.