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Welcome to Communitea by Magic Hour

Welcome to Communitea by Magic Hour, a sanctuary where the art of tea meets the heart of community. Our vision is to create a space where serenity, connection, and the timeless ritual of tea drinking come together in perfect harmony. Whether you are a seasoned tea enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of tea, Communitea offers a warm, welcoming environment to relax, connect, and savor the magic of every moment. Join us in this journey and become a cherished part of our thriving community.

Our Vision

Founded in 2019, Magic Hour Tea in Ojai, California, aimed to establish a unique gathering place for tea enthusiasts. Quickly embraced as a beloved community hub, our journey faced an unexpected turn with the onset of COVID-19, prompting a shift to virtual engagements like global tea ceremonies and classes.

Now, an exciting opportunity has emerged to revive our vision in a picturesque Ojai locale. This space will serve as Communitea, a dedicated center for tea classes, community gatherings, and a serene tea lounge—a sanctuary for rejuvenation, learning, and meaningful connections.

How you Can Help

Here are several ways you can support us and be a part of our community:

  1. Pledges: Contribute directly to our vision. Your pledge helps with permits, space design, and our summer opening. Receive rewards like gift cards, website recognition, and exclusive event access.
  2. Gift Cards: Purchase from to enjoy our offerings and support our growth.
  3. Spread the Word: Share our story with friends and on social media to help us reach more supporters.
  4. Attend Events and Classes: Join our upcoming events and classes to enrich your experience and support our community initiatives.

Your support, big or small, helps us build a thriving communitea centered on health, healing, and connections through tea.

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Support the magic of Club Magic Hour by purchasing our exclusive gift card! Whether you're treating yourself or someone special, your pledge not only grants access to our enchanting offerings but also helps us bring our vision to life.

  • Flexible Use: Our gift card can be used anytime, now or in the future, for any of our magical experiences and products available on

  • Support Our Dream: Every purchase helps us on our journey to create a haven of wonder and serenity. Your contribution directly supports our mission and growth.

Thank you for being a part of the Club Magic Hour family. Your support means the world to us and helps ensure we can continue to offer extraordinary experiences for years to come.

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A Special Thank You to our Generous Pledgers:

Leanne Wood

Thomas Murhphree

Suasan Beauregard

Sidhu Mathew

Daniel Regan

Scott Svihula

Paulette Corboy

Vina Lustado

Rachel Lang

LaShea English

Tracy Hubbard

Pat Richards


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