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Drink Astrological Tea Specific To Your Sign


Everything is possible with Aries energy at the helm. Miracles stem from your childlike wonder and ability to walk among the nature spirits equally with dreamy artists and exuberant entrepreneurs. Fearlessly step into your calling, and let go of competition as a source of energy to find your oneness with humanity. Here is where miracles abound for you. Aries, surrender to the love of your Guardian Angel Ariel who will remind you to return to a state of awe, to tread lightly on the earth and to dance in relationships as a source of connection and abundance. Allow yourself to be a breath of fresh air for all you meet-as this is your natural gift.



Love & luxury are held in your Venusian heart, dear Taurus. You are the Queen of romance, beauty & inspire in us a divine thirst for pleasure. While born by the symbol of the bull, your grounded nature bears nothing of the fighting ferocity, and instead sings of the sensual nuances of humankind. Art, music, kindness and a thorough propensity for prosperity, you are a symbol of loyalty & gorgeous good fortune. May we all bask in the traits of your luck and loyal gaze through which our best selves are celebrated.



Gemini Queen, you contain multitudes. The twins of the sky, the siblings of the soul, the mind as quick as a meteor streaking bright across the night sky. Ideas are your nourishment, conversation your art, mental agility your sport. Changeable light-bringer, you illuminate a brightness bound by the summer sun, and bring connectivity to the dual nature in each of us. Equal parts shadow and light, you help every other zodiac sign shine in their own right.



Stunning sister, swimmer of the soulful depths, you inspire through the lens of home, hearkening us to your heart's expression of caring. Connected and quiet, you ponder life's complexities from a sensitive subtlety. Artful & profound, your mind traces the path home to the hearth of the sacred. You are an immortal beauty, an underwater seer, a powerful protectress and an empress of renewal. May we all fill our homes with the beauty that springs forth so naturally from your mythical mind and heart.



Queen of charisma and courage, you embody the center of our solar system as the sun shines through you, gracing all with your ineffable & brilliant light. Loyal, generous and nourishing, you grow those around you with your encouraging smile and omniscient eyes. Your creative spirit beckons us to shine our brightest as you celebrate the rays of expression and boldness. Your bounty fills our tables with feasts of joy and abundance. We gather around your radiance, we dance to your dawning, and we bathe in the rays of your laughter, as you exude the love of the cosmos with the song of your roar.



Muse of ascendent intelligence, star maiden of strength and discernment, we bow to your elevated ideals and far-reaching outlook of the gifts Earth brings to us when we master our minds. Priestess of illumination, your devotion to service bestows rewards on all who adore you. You bring the self from the stars into the practical realm of Earthly delights and manifestations as your devotees watch in awestruck wonder—your breadth of wisdom organizes the universe and allows seekers to witness and emulate your quest of self-realization as their own blessed path forward.



Gentle diplomat, lover of harmony, bestower of beauty and balance, we bow to you as we cherish the gifts you share with the world as the effervescent keeper of peace. In your palm we find the worlds of dark, light, love, loss, and every emotion & experience between—you hold them tenderly and with care as you know we will all undergo their earthly spell. You care for our emotional lives and harken the sun and moon equally, along with the divine and mundane in each breath. You are the veil that is lifted when we gain the awareness of our psyches’ frighteningly gorgeous depths, and you are the blessing we receive when heaven’s gates open to our awareness.



Sister, siren, alchemist, soothsayer & keeper of the universe's secrets, the Scorpio's constellation lights the dark night as your eyes illuminate the way. You are an instinctual and passionate confidante, traversing the forests of the underworld to bring to light a wisdom hard won and painstakingly cherished. We see you with your studious, serious nature and whip smart intelligence juggling Mars and Pluto with ease. Your magic is formidable - we honor the power of your soulful gaze. You lead us safely through the inevitable dark nights of our souls and through the healing waters that turn lead to gold.



With unwavering vision, your arrow points toward the truth. Books line the pathway of your inner journey, you hunger for knowledge and to know the secrets of humanity’s evolution. Growth and expansion delight and tempt you into the face of danger as you crack a joke to lighten the night and bring the dawn. We laugh with you and we cry with you as you share your life transparently for all to learn from. You are a friend to all signs of the zodiac, and to the flora and fauna queendom you bring your jovial sense of oneness. We are grateful for your inclusive reach, as you circle humanity with light in your mind’s eye.



Born of the winter you climb the summit of rebirth with a force reserved only for the daughter of Saturn. As disciplined as Artemis, as sensual as Aphrodite, as poweful as the earth meeting the sea, we marvel at the bounty of your harvest in the longest nights. Bringer of light, queen of boundaries and beauty, you see the world as a mountain to climb, own and tame.



Breath of the cosmos, avante-garde visionary, connector of humanity and innovator of thought forms, you hold the element water in your soul, as you trace the sky with your dreams. You are the quirky, unexpected Queen ruled by Uranus throwing curve balls into the universe with mischief and a sparkle in your eye. Charismatic and unorthodox, you illuminate the way forward through technology, community, and hold the role of beacon for others like the star beam you are.



Ancient Neptunian Dreamer. Intuitive mermaid of wisdom & wonder. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, you understand the earth and the heavens dancing in duality. Bringer of moon magic and mysticism embodied, your ability to see beyond the boundaries of time & space allow you to set forth on the path which includes the experiences and travails of every sign. You are in each of us, the Divine Queen of the imaginal realm.


Drink Astrological Tea Specific to your Sign