Forgiveness: Wellness Chai for Balance


Forgiveness is a health breakthrough Puerh tea with added probiotic Eurotium cristatum which has been studied for its incredible healing abilities--especially for those of us who need to balance blood sugar and body fat. 

*Aids Digestion
*Cuts Fat from the Liver
*Detoxes and Fortifies the Gut Lining
*Aids in Reduction of Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar & Cholesterol*

Zhena blended this remarkable tea with Cinnamon to balance blood sugar, licorice for adrenal health, cloves for gum health (& sweet breath), cardamom for digestion & liver health, fennel for calming digestion, roses for skin & beauty, coconut for it's essential fatty acids, and pepper to add warmth on the finish of this delectable healing tonic. 


Organic dark (Puerh) tea with added probiotics, organic cinnamon, organic cloves, organic cardamom, organic fennel seed, organic coconut flakes, organic licorice, organic rose petals, organic black pepper, natural flavors

Simmer this tea on the stove with nut milk, strain and sweeten with Monk Fruit or Stevia to create a no-sugar wellness potion to help you balance your desire for a rich dessert-like treat with the delicious side-effect of lowering blood sugar & more vitality. 

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