Seeb 'n Solace Eye Serum



Magic Hour is overjoyed & proud to introduce Seeb 'n Solace–an impeccable and lavish skincare line based on the ancient wellness wisdom & beauty secrets of Persian women. The skin (or the "third lung" as it is referred to in Chinese medicine) is the largest organ of the body & absorbs everything through the epidermis, into the bloodstream. 

Zhena hand selected this handmade, small batch holistic line to be the first Skincare brand to bless the Magic Hour family of products. 


All organic: 

Moroccan Argan Oil 

Hand-selected Persian Saffron & Rose Buds 

Mongolian Sea Buckthorn Oil 

California Rosehip Seed Oil 

Upper Ojai Marigold Flower Extract 

Egyptian Hibiscus Extract 

Santa Barbara Jojoba Oil 

Japanese Algae Extract 


The thinnest skin in our body is located under the eye 

Reduces visible signs of aging De-puffs + reduces dark circles 

Creates barrier from UV rays 



Complete hydration boost 

The metallic roller will increase blood flow to eye area, which reduces puffiness and creates a cooling sensation 

Strengthens veins and capillaries 

Improves the appearance of the fine lines 

Boosts collagen via hydration 

About The Founder: 

 The creator of Seeb 'n Solace wellness beauty products is Hanna Mehrabani, an Earth scientist. She grew up in a household where her mother kept written beauty techniques and recipes passed down from generations; from these treasured Hanna developed a passion early in life regarding the ancient beauty secrets of Persia and the entire Silk Road region. 


Before launching Seeb 'n Solace, she engaged in 9 years of extensive and incessant travel, research, and development (assisted all the while by her cosmetician sister!) with the sole aim of formulating unparalleled self-care products that bridge the union of ancient Eastern remedies and modern Western wisdom. 

As well, with the support of modern science, Hanna and her sister were able to create a technique to thin out their oil-based serums for faster absorption without losing its natural and biological properties. The resulting textures and formulas protect universal skin types, while also feeling natural and lightweight.

About the Formulation of the Seeb 'n Solace Product Line: 

 The meticulous overseeing of each step of production has resulted in peerless products made with love, care, and complete transparency. These results can only be made possible through 100% hand-selection of plants, flower extracts, and cold pressed oils. 

From their permaculture planting in Upper Ojai, California, to their Morocco co-operative plantation, and all of the specialized small-batch farms in between, Seeb ‘n Solace has meticulously sought out an international sourcing chain of healthy, conscientious, ethical farms: straight to your self-care and skin care regimen. 

Seeb 'n Solace relentlessly supports the land, farmers, and communities wherein they source their distinguished plants and botanicals. Their saffron, hibiscus, and Argania (argan) farmers are predominantly women, which Seeb ‘n Solace pro-actively support by making sure they are taken care of, well-paid, and not exploited by first world corporations.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.