Universal Balance Necklace



Find balance and protect yourself from negative energies through wearing our Universal balance necklace. The cross – widely known as a Christian symbol – to us represents a symbol of balance, love, and gratitude beyond religion and belief. 

On the island of Bali, a cross is considered a symbol of protection, in particular when painted at the entrance of a compound or house, protecting all members of the family from negative energies. A cross points into the four directions of the wind and this is where the negative energy dissipates and returns to. 

We have chosen this symbol to honor its manifold meanings and contexts without claiming a specific religious intention or dogma. 

May you feel the protection and the celebration of universal inclusivity when wearing this piece. 

The 'Universal Balance' pendant has a white topaz embedded in its center. White Topaz carries the energy of truth and a vibration that will support improved mental clarity. It has loving energy that helps you to replace negativity with love, joyfulness, and calmness. White Topaz is a strong healing stone, as it will help those who are feeling low and in need of extra energy. 

Each piece of jewelry has been blessed in a Balinese ceremony. 


  • 22kt Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver, White Topaz 
  • Length: Chain adjustable 36cm / 40.5cm / 45cm | 
  • Pendant length: 1,7cm 

This necklace changes the world a little as it: 

  • Helps feed a Balinese family in need via the 'Adopt a family’ project 
  • Is made from sustainable and recycled materials 
  • Provides employment for mothers of street children 
  • Carries powerful healing vibrations