The Wondrous Writer Gift Box - Violet Glass Apothecary JAR of Child's Pose, Sketchbook & Midas Touch Gold Strainer


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Capture the downloads–the words that become magic spells & stories–with this dreamy gift set, perfect for the writers in your life--especially if the writer is you!

Includes Violet Glass Apothecary jar filled with the sublime caffeine-free Child's Pose Herbal Tea, a gorgeously embossed, art-filled line-free Sketchbook and Midas Touch golden strainer.

Child's Pose has quickly become a bestseller for us, helping relax the nervous system, soothe the soul, and allow creativity to flow! Holy Basil (Tulsi), roses, lavender, mint, citrus & vanilla are as complex as your plot lines!


Please note: Sketchbook design will vary