Host your own Magic Hour Tea Circle!


Magic Hour is the new Happy Hour! 

Sip, blend and steep yourself and your friendships in a soulful tea ceremony circle & discover new ways to celebrate your senses. Create a sisterhood of support and receive the healing sustenance of Magic Hour Teas. As a host, you'll be trained by Zhena to facilitate a sensory tea ceremony, sharing circle, botanical healing, and manifestation practice. As a host, you will create a powerful sisterhood of support.

Throughout the world, tea is used to bring friends together in unsurpassed ways. Our mission at Magic Hour is to connect the world through tea ceremony, and we are thrilled to invite you to become an integral part of that mission now with our Magic Hour Tea Circles!

Intentional tea circles create a loving, fun & supportive container for self-reflection, self-care, and help to foster relationships, allowing ideas to flourish while creating beautiful connections. Guests experience a giddiness from the L-Theanine found naturally in our teas & bonds are made in authentic, often surprising ways and is a beautiful alternative to alcohol if you're looking for more ways to connect.

Become a founding Magic Hour Tea Circle Host today! 

Founding Magic Hour Tea Circle Hosts receive monthly:

    • Ceremonial tea that serves up to 20 guests (most circles are 5-6)
    • Facilitator's guide to give you the structure for the group each month
    • Conversation prompts for your guests to share their hearts
    • Tea sensory tasting guide for the month's featured tea
    • Worksheets for your guests to fill in around the monthly topic
    • Video Training from Magic Hour Mistress of Ceremonies, Zhena Muzyka

The Magic Hour Tea Circle Starter Kit arrives with: 

  • Tea Blending Botanicals for your guests to make their own tea.
  • Pouches for guests to take their new blend home
  • 3-5 Magic Hour Ceremonial Teas to serve 
  • Instructions on how to prepare each tea and lead a tea ceremony
  • Study guide with tasting notes, health benefits and wellness for each tea
  • Tea Ceremony Questions and Prompts to guide your circle
  • Video Training from Magic Hour Mistress of Ceremonies, Zhena Muzyka
  • Magic Hour Glass Tea Pot (optional)
  • Tea Strainers (optional)

Magic Hour is the new Happy Hour!

If you'd also like to share our blends with your circle for sale, you have the option to benefit in both energetic & monetary prosperity by signing up for our affiliate program. If your tea circle guests are interested in purchasing tea at your ceremony (we’ve found they almost always want to take blends home with them!), you can direct them to our site with your unique URL that tracks your sales on the spot! 

You will be compensated on all products you sell through your code (pure magic)! A win for our mission and a win for your tea addiction too :). A tea ceremony that pays dividends in both connection and currency! 


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