Thank you! A Gift Box for Giving Thanks! - Bohemian Breakfast & Renewal Traveler Jars, Midas Touch & Thanks Butterfly Greeting Card

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Sometimes you want to say "Thank-you" with a little more than a text. Say thank-you with tea and share your love of wellness with gratitude. Each kit comes wrapped in a black gift box ready for you to add your note to the card. If you are sending this to a friend or colleague, please add your note in the "notes" section and we will handwrite it into the card for you and send to your recipient :). 

Each Set Includes: 

  • Renewal Oolong tea in Violet Glass Traveler Jar 
  • Bohemian Breakfast tea in Violet Glass Traveler Jar 
  • Midas Touch Gold Tea Strainer 
  • Thanks! Butterfly Greeting Card 

Renewal Ti Quan Yin Oolong scented with ripe peach renews moods, digestion, and weight release after rich meals or 3 months of quarantine! Blended with wild rose for heart health, skin softening, and relaxation along with antioxidant rich, amino-acid abundant Goji Berries, Renewal Oolong tea spring cleans your mind-body & soul.

 Bohemian Breakfast is a full-bodied breakfast tea with the added benefits of Puerh. Rich vanilla bean accents the orchid base notes of this blend while pomegranate and black currants embolden it with deep mid-notes of balance and flair.

 Midas Touch Gold Tea Strainer The deep basket of our Midas Touch strainer allows use with both a single cup as well as a tea pot. Handmade, convenient, and a favorite this strainer also comes with a small lid which doubles as a drip tray to sit your strainer after each use. This beautiful and functional strainer is brass plated stainless steel.

 Small Papaya Thanks Card Send big thanks in a small package for any occasion.


Organic Oolong tea, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Roses, Peach Flavoring. 

Bohemian Breakfast:

Organic, Fair Trade, Artisan Blend of Puerh, Assam & Rwandan Black Teas, Organic Black Currant Fruit, Natural Pomegranate Flavor, Organic compliant Bourbon Vanilla Flavor.