Citrine Cleanse™ Herbal Tea



Citrine Cleanse caffeine-free herbal tea is a sweet & savory, detoxifying elixir of organic Hawaiian Ginger, Italian Fennel, Turmeric, Thai Lemongrass, Carrot, Calendula Flower Petals (Marigolds) & Essential Oils blended to help you surrender fears, doubts and worries, and relax into your most beloved visions grounded in the greater purpose of your life.

Organic Hawaiian Ginger, Italian Fennel, Turmeric, Thai Lemongrass, Carrot, Calendula Flower Petals (Marigolds) & Essential Oils

The Health Benefits of Citrine Cleanse


Citrine Cleanse incorporates the healing properties of spicy ginger & fragrant lemongrass with orange and carrot for plentiful Vitamin C, and Beta carotene which converts into Vitamin A, for immunity. Studies show that consuming more Vitamin C can increase your blood antioxidant levels by up to 30%. This helps the body’s natural defenses fight inflammation. In observational studies, eating higher amounts of Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene has been linked to a decreased risk of certain types of cancer.

Ginger aids digestion & reduces muscle and joint pain.

Turmeric relaxes the nervous system & fights inflammation. 

Fennel is a magical herb to cleanse toxins from the liver, eliminates candida from the intestinal tract.

 Lemongrass is antibacterial and may also significantly improve oral health, prevent infections, as well as reduce bloating. 


Sip your Citrine Cleanse as you connect with the breath and your heart to align with your true desires and purpose. Know that you need only to connect with your inner guidance each day for clarity–then release and let go of what you most desire in complete trust that it will arrive in Divine time.

Self- Guided 8 Day Ceremonial Cleanse Kit

 Create a new path with newfound energy, and revitalize your body and mind through this 8 day #TEASTRONG cleanse! 

 Our transformative journey together will be rooted in the ancient wisdom of tea and Chakras, led by our founder and master blender, Zhena.

Cleanse Kit

Sage the Patriarchy Gift Set

Sometimes a little saging goes a long way! With the rise and balance of the feminine in our world, this gift set will help clear and cleanse both body, space and mind.

Sage the Patriarchy Gift Set


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