Introducing Epiphany Tea: 6th Chakra Tea for Intuition

To have an epiphany is to experience a sudden realization -- a profound a-ha moment, signifying a striking and transformative breakthrough. This month brings a deliciously enchanting blend to align with your Third Eye Chakra, and we’ve aptly named it Epiphany. Its alchemy evokes your ultimate intuition, and beckons you towards alchemical moments of clarity, alignment and truth. Its flavors are deeply jammy with a malty, rich base, creating a truly unforgettable and iconic combination, like that of our Bohemian Breakfast or Ruby Moon blends. It is richly accented with elderberry and blackcurrant fruit, producing a slightly sweet and deeply enriching experience. Fortifying and satisfying, this blend helps increase energy levels, balance digestion, and sweeten any moment in which you are looking to experience a spark of inspiration. 

Let’s explore its ingredients!

Blackcurrant fruit  Blackcurrant is native to Europe and Asia, and is teeming with antioxidants (four times that of oranges!) and anthocyanins, which are bioflavonoids found in plants. Anthocyanins have been shown to support the entire physiology, from lowering blood pressure, providing anti-inflammatory support and boosting the immune system. Blackcurrant fruit is also antimicrobial, antiviral and is even said to have anti-cancer properties! A holy healer, indeed.

Black Tea + Pristine Puerh Our biodynamically-grown, organic Black Tea is rich in powerful flavonoids, and has been shown in studies to aid our precious hearts, lower LDL, and improve digestive health. It contains GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which eases inflammation, decreases joint and muscle pain and can support more ease and flow in the body by alleviating stiffness and soreness. It’s also good for circulation, eye and gut health, and contains a wealth of Vitamins including Vitamin A, E and C.

Puerh specifically is a sacred, double fermented black tea. The careful, artisan process produces a natural probiotic that detoxes the intestinal tract while energizing and balancing mood (even used as an antidepressant in Asia). Next to Ti Quan Yin Oolong, Puerh is the most valued tea for weight loss. With your intestinal microbiome responsible for producing up to 85% of your serotonin levels, sipping Puerh has long been treasured as a natural mood booster. And with amplified joy comes amplified intuition! Vintage Puerh is also referred to as the "sin eraser", aiding digestive flow and supporting the liver like a guardian angel of health and longevity.

Elderberry Elderberry has been touted for centuries for its supportive, immune-boosting properties, including its ability to combat infections, influenza, pain and so much more. It’s also high in antioxidants, vitamin C and fights harmful bacteria to keep our health and vitality strong.

Blue Cornflower Petals Native to Mediterranean Europe, this beautiful blue flower is gently stimulating and its herbal benefits include support for fever, chest congestion and even our liver. It also nourishes the feminine physiology, providing soothing menstrual support. 

Sip Into Your Intuition
This bright, bold, awakening blend is a sweet and powerful potion for intuitive clarity and self-trust. Steeped into a precious brain-protecting berry liqueur, the rich alchemy enhances your 6th chakra while nourishing every cell in your brain and being. As you enjoy each cup, take a moment to carve out some stillness. Close your eyes, holding the cup near your heart, and focus your inner vision on your 6th chakra. Follow the flow of your breath, gently in and out, as you settle into the sacred neutrality found when we merge our sacred beings with the All.