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The Crown Jewel of January!

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Magic Hour’s 2021 collection begins with a crown jewel of a tea for you to sip and marvel upon while connecting to your highest consciousness.

The Thousand Petaled Lotus is an invisible, energetic crown that sits atop your head. In yogic and Buddhist traditions, this crown is the place where the divine meets your consciousness, connecting you energetically to the cosmos. While it is invisible to the eye, it shines brighter than any physical crown possible--illuminating the beauty and wisdom only the highest consciousness conjures.

We are overjoyed to introduce the Crown Chakra Tea from Magic Hour: Lotus Mind. The first tea of its kind ever to grace the planet, and your cup--formulated for activating and expanding your Crown Chakra.

The Chakra Tea Collection from Magic Hour is a tea ceremony like no other. This collection is rare, limited, and formed from the highest intentions of nature, spirit, plant-wisdom and herbal magic. The pinnacle of decades of tea-blending mastery, this collection is sure to not only awaken higher consciousness, abundance, peace and presence in your life, but will also support your spiritual journey toward more connection, aliveness and intimacy as you uncover your soul’s purpose.

Each month’s theme and Chakra blend have been carefully crafted to correlate with a specific chakra of the body. If you’re unfamiliar with the chakras, they are particular focal points (or energy centers) throughout your body, which align along the spine -- the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacrum, and Root. In yoga and other ancient traditions, these chakras are seen as “wheels,” where energy and light can be generated for greater health, wellness and manifestation.

We have alchemically created a Magic Hour tea to activate each chakra, each to be introduced once a month, beginning in January. These blends are the pinnacle creations of our Master Blender, Zhena, to evoke greater awakening, deepen your connection to yourself and others, and activate your highest potential physically, mentally and spiritually. Each masterful blend was created to enliven your true essence.

When your chakras are blocked, energy in the body can become stuck and manifest as ailments and illness (both physical and emotional). Through opening the chakras and releasing any stagnant energy, you can create greater spaciousness for renewed vitality to flow through. This allows more possibility to flow into your life.

The more you feel connected to your true self through your chakras, the more you will feel connected to all of life. With our 2021 Chakra Tea Collection, we will also be hosting specific tea ceremonies teaching you all about your chakras and how to balance and activate each one for positive effects in your daily life.

Each tea circle in 2021 will be focused on activating your potentiality. With each Chakra Tea, we shall share with you the ceremony of harmony, balance and presence. When you center yourself in the present moment, mindfully steep the perfect cup of Lotus Mind, and connect to your Crown Chakra, you will find that insights come more freely, your intuition is honed, and your mind becomes aware of the infinite--all of which lead to a richer, more expansive life.

January’s Box starts at the top Chakra - the Crown chakra, also called “Sahasrara” in Sanskrit, or “Thousand Petals”. Imagine the aura of this chakra as a beautiful lotus flower, glowing in a radiant white light with touches of brilliant royal purple. Because of its location at the top of the head, its energy is associated with higher consciousness, and connecting to the limitlessness of life - the sacred greatness beyond (and within) each of us.

Our January tea offering is also one of our most prized, and aptly called Lotus Mind. In this blend, Zhena began with the rarest tea for the highest vibration. The blend includes:

  • Yin Zhen (Silver Needle) White Tea Tips: cooling on the body, this rare tea is highest in antioxidants while being the most delicate in flavor. It beautifies and elevates, bringing your meditation and thoughts to the apex of creation--the rarest tea for the rarest connection to the divine.
  • Gotu Kola (camellia asiatica): an Ayurvedic herb used for clarity of thought, memory, and decalcifying the Pineal Gland--which is the spiritual center of intuition and where higher thought is formed.
  • Butterfly Pea flower (clitoria turnitea): the steep of this tea turns a bright blue hue thanks to fresh Thai Butterfly Pea flower, which is beautifying for the skin, tonifying, anti-inflammatory, and teeming with antioxidants for immunity and overall vitality. 
  • Ultra French Lavender: relaxes the mind and body, improves sleep, soothes the central nervous system, and beautifies skin. 
  • Night-blooming Jasmine & Asian Pear: the essence of Jasmine flowers, and a touch of Asian Pear. 

Steeped into a glorious blue-purple hue, Lotus Mind helps align you with the color of your Crown chakra, while the rare and delicious elements vibrationally activate it.

To amplify the consciousness-expanding experience of Lotus Mind, we’ve included it in our January Box, honoring the theme of Astrology! What better way to align with the celestial forces than this royal cup?

We’re so pleased to announce our January Magician (host)--Ciela Wynter--Goddess Astrologer, dear friend, and CEO of Joan of Sparc, an online self-actualization platform, who will guide us through the journey of this month.

We hope you’ll give yourself the gift of experiencing the true magic of this box for yourself!

It will include the heavenly blend Lotus Mind, and a 4x4 Letterpress framable Archival Astrology Print from Curious Prints as our gift to you. You can also add Ciela’s latest book, The Inner Journey to your box, for a fantastic companion guide to your daily ceremony.

May you sip in the highest consciousness!

Join us here!

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