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Take Pleasure in the Passion-filled Alchemy of Joyous

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To be joyous is to be aligned with our divine worth and purpose. To feel within our beings the sacred gift of being alive, and to infuse an energy of love into each moment that we meet. It is from this place that our sacral chakra tea, Joyous, was formed. The sacral chakra sits below our naval, and within our inner pelvis. This is the internal abode where our passion, creativity and radiance live. We are thrilled to share this divine tea blend, inspired by the sacral chakra and this sacred energy center.

A Cup of Pure Joy

Joyous is a metabolism-boosting, mood-enhancing, slimming tea for sparking more creativity and joy. Its exquisite flavor is akin to a delicious earl grey (but better!) and it corresponds to the sacral chakra, which connects in part to the gut (as well as our sexual organs, pleasure center and lower back). Did you know that the gut is where up to 85% of our serotonin is produced?! Serotonin influences both mood and digestion, which truly go hand in hand. The alchemical ingredients of this heavenly blend are Organic Black Tea, Organic Puerh Tea, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Rosehip, Marigold Flowers, Natural Essential Oil of Orange Bergamot and Vanilla. 

Let’s explore some of these bright, cheerful and soul-satisfying ingredients more in depth:

Puerh tea

Puerh is a lusciously unique, double fermented black tea. (We like to think of it as black tea and beyond). Although the Chinese have known Puerh’s amazing benefits for centuries, it became a prized discovery among Western tea lovers fairly recently. Only the leaves coming from the province of Yunnan and put under a strictly controlled fermentation process are to be called pu-erh; after spending 5 long years in warm and moist cellars, the tea develops its unique, wine-like taste. Puerh is also a powerful purifier, tonifying the body, mind and spirit. And it is a crown jewel among remedies, due to its bioactive compounds. It helps to eliminate free radicals and release toxins from the body, deeply supports gut health and supports healthy bones. Sipping Puerh is a natural mood booster, alleviating both physical sluggishness as well as emotional and calming the body’s stress response. Additionally, it is great for metabolism and weight loss due to its vibrant probiotic quality and brings you deeper into your inner power and joy.

Black tea

Black tea promotes heart health through lowering blood pressure and decreasing the "bad" cholesterol (LDL). It also nourishes the mind with a healthy boost of energy and increased focus, as well as lowering the chances of dementia. The National University of Singapore claims black tea reduces that risk by 50% (F I F T Y!), while also helping to prevent Alzheimer's disease among genetically inclined patients. Not only does black tea lower blood pressure, it lowers blood sugar as well - and therefore aids in protecting you from type 2 diabetes. Thanks to various insulin-supporting substances (like theaflavins and tannins) it helps us process sugar, and akin to puerh tea, black tea promotes healthy gut flora and helps with indigestion.


Hibiscus is a tart, antioxidant-rich herb that supports the regeneration and revitalization of our cells, and nourishes the health of our blood and circulation. Specifically, it helps lower blood pressure and cuts fat from the blood. It also boosts liver health and possesses antibacterial qualities. It is another fantastic ally for nourishing the gut and supporting weight loss, working alchemically with its partner puerh in this blend to encourage slimming and eliminate bloating. In test tube studies, Hibiscus extract has even been shown to reduce the growth & spread of prostate, stomach, mouth and plasma cancer cells. Studies have also found it effective in fighting bacterial infections -- a true immunity powerhouse!


Rosehips bring a delicate, floral note to this blend, and boast a variety of exquisite health benefits as well, including immune support, heart and weight support, and even anti-aging properties for the skin. They may also reduce inflammation throughout the body and ease pain. But perhaps best of all are their anti-aging properties, beneficial for nourishing and enhancing supple, youthful skin appearance. A true beautifier, within and without. 

Steep the Sacred:

To enjoy your perfect cup of joy, take one heaping tablespoon of tea and steep it in water that is 200-212 degrees for 3-5 minutes. As you sip your tea, envision a warm orange light radiating from your lower belly, expanding out to the cosmos. Envision this energy connecting you with the boundless creativity of the universe, as it replenishes your passion and your purpose. You are an integral part of creation, and you are worthy of feeling vibrant, joyful and full of life. 

May you celebrate your gifts with every sip. You can shop your joyousness here.

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