Relax Into Beauty with Orange Blossom Moon

September is here, Dear Ones, and we officially begin our transition towards Autumn. The Fall Equinox finds us this month, on September 22nd, and our Blue Moon Beauty Collection offering is perfect for the evocative blossoming of summer’s last hurrah. We continue our celebration of true beauty - inner beauty - by bringing the finest Beauty Teas ever created. This collection is meant to inspire greater presence, gratitude and grounding within your being and your life. Presence is beauty, and cultivating more presence in our lives, in our purpose, and on our path allows our truest self to expand, express and shine in its fullest potential! Happy Sipping.

Love Potion of the Divine

This month we bring you Orange Blossom Moon, featuring Organic Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, Pineapple, Organic Blueberry, Organic Zante Currant, Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Organic Lemongrass, Butterfly Pea Flower, Cornflower Petals, Natural Orange flavor extract and Natural Blueberry flavor extract. 

This blend is delicate, fragrant, mood-boosting, radiance-inducing and utterly delicious, and each exquisite cup brings tender sips of neroli and jasmine blooms, and the sensual smell of orange blossoms. 

Orange Blossom Moon includes Yin Zhen Silver Needle White Tea buds, the rarest and most prized white tea buds in the world, which are delicately plucked and then dried with fresh Jasmine blooms. White tea, as well as Butterfly Pea Flower and Blue Cornflower, support skin elasticity, collagen production, are anti-inflammatory and give our body and being a nourishing boost.

Celebrate Your Beauty Through Self-Care

Our "Relax Into Beauty" box this month includes an extra special treat to nourish your self-care, especially as the school season jumps into full swing again! This month's special gift is Moon Essentials "Relax" Floral Bath Salts, to help you soak up some R&R with a cup of this sensual love potion. 

Steep: 1-2 heaping teaspoons in freshly boiled spring or filtered water which is cooled to 170-180 degrees. Add your favorite sweetener of choice or non-dairy milk to taste, as desired. 

As you sip and soak, repeat this Moon Mantra to yourself:
Like the most fragrant, fertile flowers
That shine brightly towards the Moon,
Let yourself unabashedly blossom
Into the fullest, truest version of You.
I Am Elegant
I Am Expansive
I Am Blossoming
I Am Full of Divine Potential
Set an intention as the New Moon rises and watch your dreams blossom. Cheers to you.