Love's Eloquence: A Sneak Peek of Our March Box!

Did you say Valentine's is over?

Here at Club Magic Hour we beg to differ. If anything, we celebrate all heart-based rituals of connection every chance we get. 

In the spirit of Love, we have paired up with The Fairy Godmother of Love, Arielle Ford, to co-create The Soulmate Box.

The Soulmate Box with internationally celebrated, best selling author and speaker, Arielle Ford, will open your eyes and heart to connect in new ways with yourself and your love partner. In her impactful Magic Hour video, Arielle teaches her popular “Feelingization Process,” to drop into your heart to experience and be MORE Love. Single? This box will help you call in and manifest the soulmate that cherishes and honors you.

You will learn:

  • What is a soulmate?
  • Does everyone have a soulmate and how many can you have in a lifetime?
  • What is “feathering the nest” and why is it important?
  • What is the unknown secret to relationship success everyone needs to know?
  • Why should couples wear “rose colored glasses” when it comes to seeing each other? 
  • What are the health benefits of marriage?

Each eco-luxe box comes with:

  • The enchanting Chocolate-Rose-Raspberry Black Tea blend for a blissful & decadent sensory experience.
  • A transformational video teaching where Arielle walks you through processes to ready your mind, body and home spaces for the love you wish to experience in your life.
  • Arielle's The Everything Book: a “fill in the blanks” book you share with your soulmate where you can capture the essential details about the one you love.
  • Exquisite printed Love Altar to place your flowers, crystals, incense and any objects you wish to use to energize your Love manifestation ritual.
  • Easy-to-follow Feng Shui Map to set up an altar in the “Love Corner” of your bedroom and your home, to increase your love with your partner, or to call in your soulmate.
  • Black and white printed Love Mandala to color your way into a more passionate connection with your love partner or to call in your soulmate.
  • Bonus videos gifted to you by Arielle: Awesomenessfest: Secrets of a Great Relationship; How To Be A Pleasure Puppy; Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate Series.
  • Choice to include patented violet-prism apothecary display jar.

The Chocolate-Rose-Raspberry Tea created by Zhena and specifically designed for Arielle’s transformational work, is all encompassing: each of your senses will be activated and heightened by the voluptuous, smooth flavors dancing on your tongue–the fragrance of a dozen roses & rich chocolate truffle will unfurl as you inhale the delicious steam. The raspberries lend their own aphrodisiac properties with their delicate & bright sweetness. 

In The Soulmate Box, you’ll receive the tools to truly value and accept yourself and your love partnerToo often we hear that once we find our soulmate, we will live “Happily ever after.” Dangerous words that imply a fairytale ending. Arielle wisely teaches that real love couldn’t be farther from that and finding a soulmate is the easy part. Learning to live with your partner and love them in spite of their quirks and flaws requires dedication, devotion & practice. 

The Soulmate Box will be available March 1st!

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