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Introducing Our Heart of Joy Box and Happy Heart Tea Blend

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Happy April, beauties! Spring is upon us and it harkens a blossoming of our own inner being. How fitting to focus this month, then, on the sacred heart chakra and share our Happy Heart tea blend with you!

As we’ve mentioned before, the chakras are different energy centers in our body that correlate to distinct functions and various organs throughout our system. They also connect us to the Universe and cosmic flow! So, when you balance a chakra in your body, you thereby balance your life, and also become more in harmony with the universe and the cosmos. Truly, we are interconnected to creation, and our Magic Hour chakra teas are meant to remind you of that, while also strengthening, healing and balancing these energy centers in your body.

The heart chakra’s aura emanates a radiant green energy, while synthesizing all the chakras from the root up, and the crown down. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “follow your heart”, and this is because the heart chakra is the place where your true intelligence can be found. Your heart is the center of your soul’s consciousness, so to listen to, nourish and answer the call of your heart is crucial to living your best life. 


Have a Happy Heart

Happy Heart is a beautiful blend of pristine Green Tea and organic Moringa, with touches of Hazelnut, Macadamia, and sliced Almonds. Fittingly, this blend is perfect for both heart health as well as beauty. It pays to go green when it comes to supporting your cardiovascular health, which is why green tea is our base in this special blend. Green tea also helps keep stubborn weight off, while gently boosting and firing up your metabolism. It lowers LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) and triglycerides, too. And did we mention this blend tastes just like dessert?! Our own Mistress of Ceremonies and Master Blender, Zhena Muzyka loves to enjoy a cup while intermittent fasting. This tea is also great for menopause, if you are currently in that stage of your journey.

We’ve included moringa in Happy Heart because of its remarkable benefits. This exquisite herb is revered as the “Miracle Tree”, hailed for an extraordinary array of healing capabilities. It is high in protein and iron, so if you tend to run a little anemic, moringa can help balance your iron levels, while also strengthening your hair and nails. Additionally, moringa can support skin disease, heart disease and so much more; a truly remarkable ally. This is just one amazing example of how nature creates pure, beautiful medicine for us to thrive. Happy Heart is a supremely beautifying tonic, and brings nourishment to your vitamin levels and physiology. 


Our Monthly Magician, Michaela Boehm

This month’s guide is the incredible Michaela Boehm, who is an expert in intimacy, relationship and sexuality. She is a gifted speaker and counselor, and her unique body of work centers around the intersection of intimacy and embodiment. Her book, The Wild Woman’s Way, is an absolute must-read, and she is the perfect muse to support us through the exploration of our heart chakra. 

The heart holds a deeply divine intelligence, and when it comes to our relationships, as Michaela shares, “the heart is the humanizing factor.” She also notes that “often our emotional states can be best addressed in the physical body, because they are physical patterns.” So the more healing we can encourage on all levels -- physical, emotional and spiritual, the more we can begin to chip away at the armor that blocks our heart and our energy, to support greater opening and transformation. 

In this month’s subscription box, you’ll receive a special teaching video with Michaela, where she’ll share more about the multifaceted representation our heart holds, and its connection to our relationships and our healing. She’ll also share how to turn towards our heart, and strengthen its fortitude to expand our capacity for growth. (Yes, please!!)

You can learn more about Michaela and her remarkable work here.

Brewing Your Perfect Cup

Happy Heart can be enjoyed in any moment that you feel drawn to nourish your sacred heart space, or if you’re in need of some deeper heart healing. We also recommend it as a couple’s tea, if you find there is a conversation you’ve been needing to have, or if you’re seeking more encouragement to speak from the heart. 

Steep one (or two) generous cups, and mindfully set your intention for the moment. Envision a radiant green energy emanating from your heart, as it gently expands outward.

DAWN OR DUSK: A sweet prayer at Dawn to harken the heart's opening. A loving sip at Dusk with tender reflection on the day shared. 

SACRED STEEPINGS: Steep 1 teaspoon of tea for every 8oz of fresh spring water at 170 degrees for 2 minutes. Use a loose leaf tea brewer or strainer to filter the tea leaves and almond slices for a smooth and sultry cup.

We can't wait for you to experience this exquisite blend for yourself. Happy, heartfelt sipping.

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