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Introducing our Alive Box featuring Audacious, Tea for the Root Chakra

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Happy July, beauties! We’ve finally arrived at the end of our exquisite Chakra Tea journey, resting at the Root. And our bold, brilliant offering for this month is aptly named Audacious. We have adored sharing our heartfelt offerings with you these past seven months, exploring the healing that is found when we align ourselves with these sacred energy centers in the body and evoke their highest potential. We hope you’ve felt as much joy and nourishment as we have, and don’t forget that you can always restock your own chakra collection, gift them to someone you love, or enjoy your favorite blend by exploring our entire collection here, as we’ve worked hard to ensure they’ll always be available for you as one of our all-the-time offerings, in our full size apothecary jars, signature pouches, or portable traveler jars. We also have a bundle option available here

Now, let’s explore more about our final blend on this journey and the chakra it corresponds to.

The root chakra, or “Muladhara”, is located at the base of the spine where the pelvic floor sits. This energy center supports feelings of safety, security and abundance, as well as empowerment and belonging. This is the sacred space from which you can take risks and be bold...perhaps even a bit audacious. ;) The root chakra is where all else stems from and the color of its aura is a radiant, royal red. It is the foundation and support system for the rest of the chakra centers, and our lives. 

Root Down to Rise

When the root chakra is aligned, it enhances all others with a sense of harmony and stability. You will feel capable, confident and outspoken, as well as unapologetic to freely express your wants, needs and desires. When the root chakra is out of alignment, you may feel unsettled, off-balance and insecure, and disconnected from yourself and the world around you. You may also feel consumed by fear or anxiety. This can manifest in the body as difficulty “releasing”, through digestive issues such as constipation or challenges eliminating from the bladder.

To conjure all things “root” related, we’ve created a root-filled, caffeine free blend that is nourishing, balancing and energizing. Audacious is a rich, malty brew that will help you powerfully ground down into the foundation of your strength and inner stability and live an abundant life!

Each cup’s flavor profile evokes the essence of a delicious Mexican hot chocolate met with a hazelnut latte, topped with toasted cinnamon. You’ll feel awakened and emboldened, like you’re sipping on a spicy and satisfying aphrodisiac. Audacious contains Roasted Chicory Root, Organic Saigon Cinnamon, Organic Eleuthero Root Ginger, Organic Maca, Organic Roasted Carob, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Burdock Root, as well as Natural Almond, Hazelnut and Macadamia Flavor Extracts.

Our July Box, the “Alive” Box comes with our Audacious Root Chakra tea blend, in either a luxurious violet glass apothecary jar or a pouch of your choice, a powerful and inspirational teaching video from our July Magician and dear friend, Suzy Batiz, a Ruby incense bundle - with scents of cinnamon, patchouli and a rosy sandalwood base, as well as a beautiful rose gold bombilla, an elegant drinking straw for all of your tea infusions. 

Finding Strength, Balance and Healing

To align with your root chakra and create more space for healing, steep and sip mindfully with intention, as you meditate on the powerful red aura of this royal energy center. Imagine its vibrancy radiating down through your root and into the earth, and back up again through every other chakra, completing at the crown. Observe your entire being basking in the warmth of security and connection. Breathe into a space of trust, knowing that you are held by both the strength of your body and the vastness of creation. As you relish each cup, explore the following affirmations, said aloud or silently to yourself:

I Am Rooted

I Am Grounded 

I Am Strong

I Am Powerful 

I Am Abundant

I Express My Wants, Needs and Desires Freely and Boldly

I Release That Which Does Not Serve Me With Ease

I Trust In My Strength And Stability

I Am Capable And Confident To Pursue My Wildest Dreams

Meet the Incomparable Suzy Batiz

We’re truly thrilled to share our July Magician, and one of Zhena’s dearest friends, Suzy Batiz with you! She is inspiring, heartfelt, courageous and most definitely audacious! 

Transformation is the common thread that runs throughout Suzy Batiz’s life and her companies. Whether transforming the bathroom into a pleasant-smelling experience with Poo~Pourri, the household cleaning industry from toxicity to aromatherapeutic magic with supernatural or people’s lives with her growing portfolio of ALIVE OS™ courses, Suzy is a revolutionary explorer of infinite potential in the playground of life. She loves to inspire others and bring them along for the ride, with energy being her native tongue.

Suzy experienced some of life’s lowest lows — poverty, sexual and domestic abuse, depression, two bankruptcies and a suicide attempt — leading to what she calls the luxury of losing everything. Through her journey of liberation from a lifetime of oppression, convention and conformity, she discovered the power of pattern-breaking thinking and curated a radical “Trinity of Transformation.” Harnessing the energy of intuition and transformation, Suzy built her businesses from the ground up without ever taking a dollar of outside investment, building ALIVE IDEAS into a nine-figure empire.

As creator of each brand, Suzy currently serves as Chief Visionary Officer and Chairwoman of Poo~Pourri, CEO of supernatural and Chief Explorer of ALIVE OS™. She continues to build her brands using the transformative principles that she now shares with the world through ALIVE OS™, embodying her belief that our external world is simply a reflection of our internal state of being.

Suzy has been featured by leading publications including The New Yorker, Forbes, TODAY, People, CNBC, Fast Company and Entrepreneur. She has been named one of Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women in America (2019, 2020), EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year (2017), Conscious Company’s World Changing Women (2019), EarthX’s Community Leader of the Year (2019) and is WBENC (Women Owned) certified business owner. Suzy has also been interviewed for Leaders Create Leaders, Modern Hero & Marie Forleo’s Marie TV and has given presentations for Conscious Capitalism, Google, HustleCon, SXSW, Create & Cultivate & the In goop Health summit.

We can’t wait for you to experience Suzy’s palpable wisdom and zest for life, and to awaken your aliveness with Audacious this month. Learn more about how to order yours here.

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