Introducing Joyous, Tea of the Sacral Chakra and our June Creativity Box

Happy June, dear ones. Summer is officially here and the world feels warm, vibrant and alive. Our chakra journey brings us to the second chakra, the sacral chakra, which is the second to last chakra in our tea series. This particular energy center is referred to as “Svadhistana” in Sanskrit, and its aura is a warm, radiant orange color, like blossoming marigold flowers. It is located at the lower belly, lumbar spine, and inner pelvis, and is where our creativity and pleasure reside. Let’s explore more of its essence, and reveal our one-of-a-kind Magic Hour tea blend to support its healing. 

The Sensuality of the Sacral Chakra 

The energy of the sacral chakra centers around intimacy, sensuality and creativity, as well as our emotions, where the deep waters of our feelings either flow freely or become stuck and stagnant. It also corresponds to our sexual needs and desires, and our ability to express them freely, without fear, guilt or shame. When balanced, this chakra allows our creative power to flow freely and permeate our lives, and encourages us to both give and receive sensual pleasure. From a healthy and balanced sacral chakra you will feel connected to creation, and empowered to tap into both your sensuality and sexuality, as a divine expression of your worthiness. It also encourages an overall passion for life and our place within the cosmos.

When out of balance, the sacral chakra can manifest feelings of depression and detachment, from ourselves as well as our relationships. On the other end of the spectrum, it can also rear its head as overindulgence and a lack of healthy boundaries, with our emotional state as well as our sexual desires. This might reveal itself in the physical body as lower back pain, reproductive issues, creative blocks and feeling overly sensitive or anxious.

A Cup of Joy

To celebrate the spice of life our sacral chakra evokes and encourages, we bring you the ultimate cup of joy, aptly named Joyous! Joyous is a metabolism-boosting, mood-enhancing, slimming tea for sparking creativity and joy, as part of our June Creativity Box. Bright and balanced with notes of citrus, rosehips and marigold flowers, this bright orange potion is intoxicating, cheerful and soul-satisfying. Its exquisite flavor is akin to a delicious earl grey (but better!) and can be enjoyed with a spoonful of local honey or on ice for a refreshing afternoon boost. The alchemical ingredients of this heavenly blend are Organic Black Tea, Organic Puerh Tea, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Rosehip, Marigold Flowers, Natural Essential Oil of Orange Bergamot and Vanilla. 

As you enjoy each Joyous sip this month, we invite you to muse on this sacred mantra, evoking your ultimate alignment: I am Powerfully Connected to Creation

Jes MaHarry Jewelry

Our June Magician is our dear friend and divinely museful maker Jes MaHarry! Jes has a spirited passion for life that pours through everything she does. Her strong desire to live each moment as fully and freely as possible is fueled by her empathic relationship with animals, deep love of nature and compassion for all living things. Her soulful lifestyle informs her art and original mixed-media jewelry that has come to be renowned worldwide.

The youngest child in a family of artists, creativity was for Jes – a birthright. Naturally finding beauty in every odd scrap of metal, shell or feather she eyed on horseback meanderings near her childhood home. Jewelry making blossomed from these findings as Jes instinctively put together what she felt belonged together. Her gift for this art form was recognized for its unique organic quality early on and a life long love of creating meaningful adornments was born.

An Illustrations Major and Fine Arts Minor in college, Jes enthusiastically expanded her artistic scope but had to keep the fire of her jewelry passion alive in moments between school and odd jobs. Tirelessly dedicated to her dream of jewelry design, she slowly saved the money it took to buy rare beads and special equipment one-piece-at-a-time.

Finding perfection in what is imperfect is Jes’s signature. Her free-form charms and innovative juxtaposition of raw and refined materials suggest the beauty of life is found in acceptance of what is. Over more than two decades this philosophy has attracted jewelry collectors far and wide; drawn to her bold gemstones fusions, authentic ancient trade beads and the distinctive charms she so artfully carves with symbols of life, love, and words of inspiration.

Featured since 2000 in Robert Redford’s esteemed Sundance Catalog, the Jes MaHarry brand is unparalleled in its distinctive style, quality-workmanship and attention to detail. The freedom with which she creates is reflected in every piece made at her bustling California Ranch where she lives with her husband Patrick and two vibrant daughters. Employing local artisans, Jes has created a family enriched environment steeped in her vision of compassion and love. Learn more about her incredible creations here.

Our June box includes an incredible teaching video with Jes that you won’t want to miss, and our special gift in this month’s box is a joy-inducing incense bundle, for sacred smudging to support your self-care ritual, tea ceremony and healing. 

We have no doubt that this blend will bring you joy, with each and every cup. May you remember how worthy you are to experience passion and pleasure, and may you feel free and empowered to express your creative gifts in powerful ways. To explore Joyous and our Subscription Collection, click here.