Align Your Cup With The Cosmos

Though we always love our subscription boxes (and get so excited to reveal and send them!), this year’s selection is truly something special. Each of our curated boxes is part of our Chakra collection, and each month’s tea will help open and amplify each alchemically aligned area of your being. This month’s theme? Astrology

The study of Astrology explores our purposeful place amongst the cosmos, and how the human world and natural world connect with these magnificent celestial forces. This practice echoes the divine timing that shapes our lives, and our astrological guide, Ciela Wynter, will lead us on a journey this month that will influence the rest of our year! Ciela is a dear friend, and the Founder + CEO of Joan of Sparc, an inclusive, inspiring online self-actualization platform which helps bridge these inner and outer worlds.

As we round out the turbulent energies of 2020 and herald a fresh new year, it’s clear we are still in the midst of a deep, transformative process. As Ciela shares, the arrow of this new decade has been drawn and released, and the invitation towards greater self-inquiry and self-development continues. But this journey of wisdom is happening within us, not “to” us, and as we begin this next chapter, we are being asked to strengthen our inner resolve, clarify our true purpose, and walk forward with courage and conviction, to actualize our desires. The elements around us (and above us) can be our allies and our guides, encouraging us to both connect with the sacred and echo its flow.

The select tea this month is an alchemical masterpiece from Zhena herself, called Lotus Mind. It’s carefully crafted from extremely rare Silver Moon white tea buds, which are prized by tea connoisseurs the world over. Delicately harvested by hand, each tender tea shoot is gently dried in indirect sunlight and moonlight, honoring the astrological forces and phases. From the highest peaks of a sacred valley, each young tea bud is covered in silver down, creating an effervescent flavor profile which is ephemeral and transcendent of earthly concerns. Imagine fresh rain on a sparkling spring morning, and you will have a sense of this lustrous gem of a tea.

Lotus Mind combines Silver Moon with Gotu Kola, French Lavender, Butterfly Pea flower, Jasmine essence and a touch of Asian pear. It is bright, floral and deeply nourishing, and steeps an elegant blue-violet hue to awaken your Crown chakra’s celestial aura. Cooling on the system and unexpected on the palate, every cup will bring an opportunity to open your mind to the divine, and call forth your intentions for the new year.

We can’t wait to explore the astrological alchemy with you this month. With Ciela’s ancient wisdom and Zhena’s precious Lotus Mind, we have no doubt our Magic Hour box for January will usher a magical beginning to your year.

Lotus Mind Chakra Tea is part of the New Beginnings subscription which you can order here.